Popularity of Crepes

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Looking for a brand new business opportunity that’s easy to learn, popular with a wide range of customers and provides a consistently high gross profit margin – What about crêpes and waffles?

With a recognisable gap within the UK market for a business that incorporates crêpes, waffles, ice cream, chocolate, cake pops and coffee. There is prime opportunity to launch crêpe kiosks/shops in a variety of locations throughout the United Kingdom.

Crêpes are a perfect idea for a new start-up business or for expanding product range within an existing catering business. With the popularity of crepes and waffles rising throughout Europe, It is an ideal time for any entrepreneur to seize the opportunity to be the newest, largest and fastest growing Crêperie in the United Kingdom.

We have our own exclusive luxury crêpe mix, which only requires water, offering an extremely high profit margin to any business given it is an ‘add water only’ mixture. The mixture is easy to use and has proven to be of a superior taste to our competitors mixtures. It has no need for fresh eggs, oil or milk, it comes in convenient 3Kg bags (four in a case). Using this mix within your business will ensure consistent quality and ease of operation.

Winters Coming – Get your supplies now!


Chocolate is, as we all know delicious, but there truly is nothing better than sitting in front of the fire on a windy winters day, with a hot cup of tea and a bar of chocolate. Whether you’re a dipper, a sucker, a chewer or a drinker, Sephra Belgian chocolate has to tried and adored.

Our chocolate is made of a wonderful blend of the finest ingredients. This gives it a a lovely aroma and smooth flavour. Ideal for melting, tempering and it creates a perfect cascade effect in chocolate fountains, however the best thing to do with Sephra Belgian chocolate is to eat it out the bag.

Scientists have proven that chocolate contains substances called – Amino Acid, Phenylethylalanine and Theobromine, these chemicals promote feelings of euphoria, happiness, excitement and have been proven to act as an anti-depressants.

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